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y behind michelle obama's new do. why she says she went for the bangs. attack ads spark tension in the race for 2nd district congressman. candidates in a heated debate charging that a super pac is trying to buy the election. good evening, i'm micah materre. and i'm mark suppelsa. our top story seen around the country tonight on wgn america. out-of- town pac money. wgn's sean lewis joins us after covering the 2nd district debate in matteson. this debate was sponsored by aarp and focused mainly on social security and medicare. the debate sponsored by aarp focused on social security and medicare, two issues that these candidates, 9 out of 11 of whom are democrats, agree on. the real controversy never talked about on stage but simmered underneath. that is the nearly two million dollars of super pac money funneled into this race to support just one of the nearly
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20 candidiates still on the ballot. robin kelly i see a renaissance in the wings. robin kelly may be seeing a renaissance of her own in this special election. of the 11 candidates who attended todays aarp sponsored forum in south suburban matteson. she is the only one seeing major support. two million dollars in ad buys from an out of state super pac controlled by new york mayor michael bloomberg. alderman anthony beale we constantly send rich people to washington. 15 chicago democratic alderman athony beale is one of those not happy with the influx of money from outside the second district. beale the people should be outraged that somebody is pouring 2 million dollars into a district saying 'here is my candidate' from new york and telling what theyre supposed to do and who theyre supposed to vote for. halvorson you should never pay the price you are for prescription drugs. former congresswoman debbie halvorson, another recognizable name in this crowded race, believes it will be the message
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not the money that shines through next tuesday. debbie halvorson thats why were not going to let a new york mayor like michael bloomberg spend millions of dollars trying to buy this election and so bloomberg and his candidate need to watch out because illinois voters want to decide who is going to win this election. three candiates have dropped out in recent days, most notably state senator toi hutchinson a leading candidate who then threw her support to robin kelly. kelly denies any connection to the super pac or mayor bloomberg. robin kelly really, at the end of the day its what happens with the voters and who votes. that is really the bottom line. its not the money thats coming in. its really about how many more votes i get than somebody else. thats just the bottom line. but money wins sometimes. money wins sometimes but money doesnt win all the time. the special election takes place next tuesday. alderman beale did tell me he's been asked by a number of influential people to drop out
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of this race. and has said said no. when i asked him if he was surprised by that, he simply said "it's part of playing the game." tonight the town of cicero and its reputation for bad political behavior. the town president seeking reelection, accused of using local workers in a case of voter fraud. tonight the authorities are getting involved and wgn's tom negovan is live in cicero with the story. some latino voters say that municipal workers have been tried to steal their votes on behalf of the organization's president. two candidates calling for investigations of each other. the battle of support for the itcicero politicians devolves into what some would say is criminal behavior.
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yes there are lots of allegations. its central allegation is that workers loyal to be about it ... the county clark has gone so far as to reach out in writing to the domenic campaigned saying this could be construed as a attempt at clutter intimidation. we could not have imagined that your clients would have improperly and possibly illegal use town resources and employees to advance your campaign. it's funny having somebody from cook county in a glass house throwing rocks. it is outrageous. the town president campaign responded with a letter of his own hand two weeks ago. he expressed concern about the voter fraud and an unusual number of absentee ballots. a
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blatant attempt to get political and legal cover. the spokeswoman nonstop until someone is arrested. they have been out of control breaking the law for eight years at will. regardless of motive the impact of those people going door-to- door is bad and it should not happen. the county clerk stopped short of saying anything was overtly credit criminal. but he says the his office and the office of the state's attorney will be watching closely. the primary is one week away. jesse jackson jr. should appear in court sometime this week. as for jesse jackson junior his father says he's feeling indescribably hurt and is under tight medical supervision. the reverend jesse jackson released a statement today about his son the former congressman. he says jesse junior's legal woes have compounded his struggle with bipolar disorder. the reverend jackson asks for prayers for his son and family. jesse junior is expected to plead guilty to
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misusing campaign funds. his wife sandi is expected to plead guilty to filing false tax returns. will he, or won't he? get a new trial that is. drew peterson, the man in prison for murdering his wife, will make one last ditch effort to have his murder conviction thrown out tomorrow. it is very difficult in any case to get a new trial. generally they are disfavored by judges and generally you do not get them. drew pederson was convicted of drowning his wife in 2004. tuesday his attorney will try to convince a judge that the trial was botched when the former attorney called the divorce attorney to the stand. we can perhaps correct some
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mistakes made and give him another trial. if the judge refuses to grant a new trial the day after that hearing, he will face sentencing for his wife's murder he still does not understand how he was convicted in a case with no evidence. he is back there trying to figure out what he has been convicted. his fourth wife stacey pederson is still missing. the price of gas keeps going up with no signs of easing anytime soon. but tonight, we'll tell you how you can get some relief at the pump at the grocery store. plus, gold rush on pieces of that huge meteorite that crashed in russia late last week. from the weather center, temperatures are plunging after a springlike 52 degrees today. the cold weather is coming and
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new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek. two teenage girls were gunned down friday, miles apart, and in unrelated incidents. the one common factor: police believe
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neither girl was the intended target. 18-year-old janay mcfarlane was killed just hours after her younger sister attended president obama's gun- control speech. the gresham neighborhood girl was in suburban north chicago walking to a store with friends when she was shot in the head. police say the bullet was meant for someone else. janay leaves behind a three-month-old son. police are questioning two men but no charges have been filed yet. and in humboldt park roberto clemente high school is mourning the shooting death of a third student in as many months. 18- year-old frances colon was shot, walking out of a store in the 1100 block of north pulaski. two men were arguing nearby when one pulled out a gun. the other man took off running and the bullet meant for him hit frances in the back. her sister and father drove past the crime scene, but had no idea frances was the victim. there was a white sheet over the body. i saw it. and i said, there are a lot of shootings
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going on over here. instead of the taking the money i saved for her graduation, i have to bury her with it. frances colon was set to graduate clemente high school in june and go to northeastern university. there are no arrests yet in her murder. chicago police are trying to determine if a man who robbed a subway restaurant this morning is behind a string of recent robberies downtown. the latest one happened around one this morning at 66-east washington street. police say a man wearing a dark hoodie walked into the subway, pulled out a gun, and demanded money. he got away with about $400. no one was injured. 11 businesses have been hit across the city between january 18 and february 10. illinois' utility watchdog says competition for electricity in illinois is saving consumers millions. the citizens utility board giving high marks for savings in its first report card on alternative energy suppliers. cub cites savings of up pto 218-million dollars. but it warns that the market will change june first when the last
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of higher priced contracts expire for com ed and ameren rates are expected to drop. the story on short-term savings is a good one and so we give electric suppliers and a-. while there are some exceptions competitive suppliers have generally beat com ed rates and that has resulted in significant savings for consumers. cub only gives them a "c" for consumer protections, warning of misleading pitches and high exit fees, a "d" for innovation and an overall grade of "incomplete." a corporate executive takes his annoyance with a crying baby to the extreme and pays a big price. plus, new information about the apparent suicide of country-star mindy mccready. and with gas prices surging, how some drivers are able to ease their pain at the pump.
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for the things you can't wash, freshen them with febreze. febreze eliminates odors and leaves a light fresh scent. febreze, breathe happy. mindy mc-cready, the platinum selling country artist, has died from an apparent suicide. she was found on the front porch of her home in arkansas sunday with a gunshot wound to the head. her career was marked by problems with substance abuse. mccready appeared on the television program 'celebrity rehab with dr. drew pinsky' and is the fifth person to die shortly after being on the show. pinsky says her death does not speak ill of his program, but to how deadly addiction is. people are not stepping up in getting for the care she needed. low and behold you have a death. this is a deadly process and it
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has to be giving the priority at the intensity of services we give to other illnesses. authorities are saying that mccready allegedly shot a dog belonging to her late boyfriend who also allegedly committed suicide before she shot herself. an idaho aerospace executive accused of slapping a toddler on board a plane has lost and facing charges. joe rickey hundley is charged with assault for hitting the 19-month-old on board a flight from minneapolis to atlanta. the toddler's ears were popping on the descent and was fussy and crying. hundley told the child's mother to shut the boy up. he used a racial slur twice, then slapped the boy hard enough to make him bleed. the baby's mom said she knew she had to address the racial difference between her and her son at some point, but never imagined it would be before he turned two. at such a young age they are having a hard idea of getting their arms around that. i could not believe he would say
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something like that to a baby like that or about a baby ad to hit him i felt like i was in another world. hundley's attorney says he'll plead not guilty. and now we know what caused the engine fire that crippled the carnival triumph cruise ship in the gulf of mexico last week. it was an oil leak. according to the u-s coast guard, oil from the leak caught fire when it came into contact with the hot engine. the engine fire killed the power to the rest of the ship, shutting down vital systems. the ship was stuck in the gulf for five days. investigators say a full report on the ship could take up to 6 months. scientists have found fragments of that meteor that hit russia, and so apparently have a lot of other people. online ads from russia are offering pieces of the meteorite for as much as ten thousand dollars. a gram of the space rock is selling for forty times more than gold. but there's no way to really know if what you're getting is the real deal, without extensive testing. russia's government estimates the meteor caused a least 33-million dollars worth of damage. gas prices spiking in the chicago area. and grocery stores are offering some deals that could help you save a few
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dollars. wgn's robert jordan has details on the programs. now that gasoline prices are over $4 per gallon, the hike asst is digging deeply into the pockets of motorists. is it hard for you with these gas prices? of course. yes. it is hard for me. i don't make a lot of money. creative drivers are turning to reward programs that offer savings when you shop at one location and buy gas at a participating phillip station. it is a wonderful program. customers save on come qualified purchases. it takes off. a great program. customers receive 5¢
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off per gallon for every $50 spent in qualifying purchases. they can do that for up to 20 gal. of fuel. there is also a program where you will receive 10¢ off for 100 points at participating mobil filling stations. it is good. he has been in the program for a few months and enjoys the savings it is great. especially when it jumped 30¢ in a few weeks which just happened. a car that takes 12 gal., you save five bucks. with all the shopping we do for the family, it makes you feel a little better about the pain at the pump. it doesn't make take much to spend 50 or hundred dollars. before long those rewards can add up to significant savings. registration for the chicago
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marathon begins tomorrow. the race is so popular it usually gets filled up within days. 45,000 people took part in the bank of america chicago marathon last year. the race will be held on october 13th this year. entry fees are 175- dollars for u.s. runners. you can register at chicago the cure to some diseases may be somewhere out there. coming up in the medical watch, how outter space may hold the key to healing. lady gaga spotted on michigan avenue but she wasn't walking. she was in a wheelchair.
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there was widespread concern practice could lead to breast cancer but a study of 67,000 women in israel fog will link between breast cancer and ivf. there was a slightly elevated threat of ovarian cancer. studying in space could give
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scientists a grounding in to see spirit biological experiments from the international space station. she has already found a way to slow bacteria here are. they are using ways to research the effect of microgravity on disease causing organisms. researchers tracked 600 families aged three to five. have switched from aggressive violent content and instead watched educational program showing tolerance and diversity. after six months the children increased their pro social activities and were more likely to compromise and cooperate. the state television does affect behavior and changing a a
9:27 pm
channel can affect the children. tom has details on a sharp drop in the temperature. and that is coming up. ♪ stir it, stir it, stir it up, stir it ♪ ♪stir it, stir it stir it up, stir it up. ♪ stir up a smile, with hershey's syrup.
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thank you for the lovely day but tomorrow not so much. there is still in some suburbs. snell in the city by midnight. some big weather changes on the way. crystal clear skies. a perfect opportunity for barry butler to show the pancake guys out there of the flake. and which was at the arboretum. he saw these icicles and thought we would be interested. and beautiful shot. it has been a nice day in chicago starting with sunshine and then clouds and now rain for the evening rush hour. it has been raining ever since but we are about ready to go to snow. fromhere is how it looked as the cloud
9:31 pm
spread throughout the area. it turned cloudy and tonight is rain and changing to spell across the area. keep in mind that even the we had a blast of cold there we are 10 days away from the start of spring. and 10 days away from the average date for the first 70 degree day. we had a 22 degree change in temperature problems today. 51 degrees today not bad. look at some of these temperatures. all in the 50s today. but tonight temperatures will range from the 40's in the city down to 30 at harvard had sycamore at 30 also. this map does not bode well for us keeping fifties around. 30 degree temperature drops in the planes. it's like a wall.
9:32 pm
snowflakes on the mississippi river were two or 3 ft. in diameter. shortly after the switchover to place. it can see the flow of air. powerful wind gusts replacing southerly winds with mild air. we have had gusts of 52 of the southwest side. these occurred in the last two or three hours. 50 mi. per hour gusts of the south side. lookout temperatures drop as we head west. 35 at aurora. winds are best at 15 but gusting to add humidity at 93 percent across the back row area. here is a look. let's look at the wind chills. tomorrow morning.
9:33 pm
at lunch time it will be below zero ad in the evening as well. zero and 10 below four wind chill. at 7:00 a.m. zero degree wind chill. to storms on this map. we expected that. the gulf bluster ignited the rains that took place today. the second system will move eastward and plugged in gulf moisture. and people are getting ready for quite a snowstorm. that will reach us later in the week in the weakened state. we have had thunder and lightning reported with rain and snow. the model
9:34 pm
suggests it will be the case. snelling by 11:00. then flurries tonight and into the day tomorrow. and overcast sky tomorrow. maybe a dusting possibly some accumulation in some areas. gale warnings of the lake. wind chill advisory spirit and to the west and an array of what they're advisories with the storm crossing the rockiesrockies. we'll look at snow numbers when we come back. some toddles around 14 in. in nebraska and no. kansas. rough sledding by midweek. that will get weaker and sent several inches here thursday night and friday morning which could be our
9:35 pm
biggest snow of the winter. rain switching to lights go before ending tonight and shut turning sharply colder. west and northwest kids 18 and between 18 and 32. mostly cloudy skies tomorrow starting at 24. the teams in the suburbs. and then teens from all areas by nightfall. single-digit levels by tomorrow night. no clouds wednesday that thursday the snow or rides after dark. wednesday and thursday with no snow and then the next system comes in after that. we will be de-icing the planes. we'll come back and tell you about that, how people at united airlines keeps things moving with this amazing crew that provides de-icing of the
9:36 pm
lanes. [ roasting firewood ] ♪ ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go it's the power of pepto but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go. [ washer and dryer sounds ]
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senses. 5 gum. now in micro pack. our ability to travel safely by air in winter is heavily dependant on de-icing. what is the de-icing process? how does it work? and who makes the call? wgn chief meteorologist tom skilling wondered those things too. . > this was passaging.
9:39 pm
mark and micah, one call to. fascinating. good folks at chicago-based united airlines and we had answers to all of our de-icing questions. and little did we know when we drove out there in freezing rain that theyd trust a lowly meteorologist on the tarmac with the de-icing gear. we are on pace for 14,000 airplanes. the record was 17,000 airplanes. all of canada did not do as much de-icing who is operational coordinator for united. it has been around since the 1920's. it is to be done with a broke and we would drive it over right wing and we consider the plane flightworthy.
9:40 pm
78 people died when a boeing 737 lost altitude and had struck a bridge and plunged into the potomac river. the plane had been de-iced but with the wrong chemical that spirit and delays allow to cool the wings. the shape of the wig is critical to the way the plane provides left. change the shape and it doesn't work that way. that is the primary way reason that planes are de- iced. we will give them our expert opinion about whether the plane needs de-icing. as worked 20 years de-icing. today he is managing 22 united express gates and another dispatcher is juggling 32 gates stressful work. we wondered what kind of weather makes their job
9:41 pm
the hardest. . > those of the days when it snows 1 in. per hour and it takes 400 gal. of de-icing to get an airplane clean. . > the blizzard of 2011 was the grand daddy of all de-icing days. > i got here at 5:00 in the morning and i did not leave until 2:00 the next day. i tried to leave that night but i was stuck five times. > there is a different scene going on and something new and always active. . > she operates million-dollar machines that use a combination of forced air blowers and chemicals to remove ice and snow and prevent new precipitation from adhering to aircraft. the spray is a syrup like liquid of propylene glycol antifreeze. it is that hot mixture up to 180 degrees
9:42 pm
hitting the cold surfaces that creates all that steam this make you go up and down. as if she did not already have for hands full, she was brave enough to show me the ropes. it is one big video game. is that too fast to go normally? yes. we asked each expert what the one thing was that they wanted the public to know about winter air travel in chicago. > if you are flying on united out of chicago you are flying on one of the best card carriers in the world. . > they signed up to do this every winter every year risking life and limb to do this job. beep, beep, beep... to be clear, the experts were fully in charge of properly de- cing the aircraft. we didnt send it off with my skills alone. mark and micah, did you know ice can add an additional 2000 pounds to a large plane. so getting it off and keeping it off is a critical part of safe
9:43 pm
winter air travel. a united employee, jack lampe of chicago, started the airlines de-icing program more than fifty years ago. he recently retired, but his work is legendary. and hes still known in the industry as the godfather of de-icing worldwide. talk about a chicago connection. thank you to everyone at united airlines. they watch our 9:00 news. there is real skill involved in that. i would not even begin to be able to do that. a weekend golf outting with president obama and tiger woods
9:44 pm
sparks controversy for the white house. and later in sports, an update on the bulls two injured point guards. one of them will be ready to go tomorrow night in new orleans. nexium, the purple pill, helps provide many with day and night relief of heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disea.. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache abdominal pain, and diarrhea. call your dooror right away if you have persistent diarrhea. other serious stomhh conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. ask your doctor if nexium is right for you.find out how you may be able to get nexium for just $18 a month at [ female announcer ] switch to swiffer 360 duster extender and you'll dump your old duster. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ ♪ who's that lady? ♪ ♪ sexy lady ♪ ♪ who's that lady? ♪ [ female announcer
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you'll fall in love with your hair... yes! yes! yes! [ male announcer ] ...all over again. yes! [ male announcer ] it's an experience... everyone will be asking for. herbal essences. say yes again to naturally irresistible hair. share your first time using herbal essences. president obama is catching flak
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for the secrecy surrounding his golf game with tiger woods. the golf great and the president played at an exclusive club sunday in florida. but the white house didn't release a single photo of them together on the links. a spokesman says media access was consistent with other presidential golf outings. critics say its about his image that seeing him golfing with woods in a pricey club weeks before deep spending cuts kick-in wouldn't play well with the middle class. lots of talk lately about michelle obama's new hairdo. the first lady's bangs first appeared last month, right around her 49th birthday. in an interview set to air on wednesday's rachael ray show, mrs. obama joked about the new look, calling it her "midlife crisis". she said, "i couldn't get a sports car, they won't let me bungee jump, so instead, i cut my bangs". public reaction to mrs. obama's haircut has been mixed. do you like it? i like it. i think our first lady is beautiful. i would have
9:48 pm
preferred a corvette but ... storm one is what is producing winston night and snow flurries for the morning. powerful winds with a 30 degree temperature drop and then high pressure comes in. a beautiful cloud free sky wednesday but gathering in the west is the next storm. we were following this last week. it will come through our area in a weakened fashion but look at what it does in kansas and nebraska and western iowa and missouri. up to 14 in. of snow with a powerful wind. some rail travel problems if travel is possible at all midweek to the west of ross. a weakening weight off that system will come here. russell kansas could see 13 in. of smell. omaha 11 in.. snow. by the
9:49 pm
time it gets your thursday night and friday afternoon it tapers to lighter snow. but tomorrow is quite cold and we are deep in arctic air. temperatures will settle lower end will have by morning in the western suburbs where we could start in the teens and stay there all day long with a strong wind chill. tom, thank you very much. lady gaga was spotted in chicago this weekend. not performing on stage but in a wheelchair. the pop star recently cancelled the remainder of her nationwide tour because of a hip injury. her boyfriend taylor kinney is scheduled to film a tv show in chicago through april. gaga was spotted on michigan avenue in her new set of wheels. she recently tweeted a photo of her wheelchair and said it's name is emma.
9:50 pm
coming up... mike brey's outburst could have been the difference between a win and loss for the irish tonight at pitt and in mesa alfonso soriano gets ready for his 13th big league season. dan roan is next with sports. carv [ washer and dryer sounds ]
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for the things you can't wash, freshen them with febreze. febreze eliminates odors and leaves a light fresh scent. febreze, breathe happy. tax refund time is here. i'm with malcom and kelly who are looking for a great new smartphone. you think you can find one at walmart? maybe. let's go see. alright. let him tell you about sprint. we've got the samsung galaxy s iii on the sprint 4g lte network for just $148! nice! wow. and -- you get a $50 gift card. awesome. we can split it. i don't think so. okay. [ earl ] see for yourself. get a $50 walmart gift card when you buy any samsung smartphone on the sprint 4g lte network. now through march 2nd. walmart.
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cactus league play begins in five days and the bulls get ready to start the second half of the season. dan roan joins from arizona. dan. the bulls are back at work today practicing for the first time since the all-star break. derrick rose was in the middle and working five on five for the first time which as the bulls told this was the planned all along. we don't know when or if he will come back but this will be a step forward for him today. we know that kurt heimlich will be back after that infected elbow that kept him out. he will play against the pelicans in new orleans tomorrow. and the big guy still buzzing about his first all-star per performance. joaquim noah talks about a weekend that was anything but
9:54 pm
restful. i haven't slept for four days. i will get a good night's sleep tonight and be ready tomorrow. the challenge will be the level of intensity to get that back. that is our way and the only chance of having success. we have to get back to that. college hoops. the irish fell behind the panthers' 19-3 and that may have awakened his basketball team because in the second half the gulf for the lead. the irish go back in front and then grant and coolly on the pick and roll. tonight's bounceback for notre dame 51-42. most of the baseball news was made on the cob side.
9:55 pm
and for the first time we had a trade to talk about. the cubs said goodbye to tony kent canada. he was sent to the d- backs to date for minor league pitchers. the fans here are awesome and always awesome to me and the cubs also appeared kind of sad to go but good to start a new thing with the d-backs. alfonso soriano may be traded next. at my age i don't want to be part of a losing team. send a message because i believe in this team and the people we have at my point is that i came here to win a world series. i don't want to go somewhere else and win. but if we have a bad start
9:56 pm
i have to think about moving somewhere else because i have no more than two years left in my career. his call contract has been viewed as an anchor round the neck of the cubs. but his value is obvious even at age 37. the legs are a year older and knees and we all get to that point but he keeps himself in great shape working out constantly during the year. i reckon as one of the top five people i have been around in the game for work ethic. rest today ... more from arizona.
9:57 pm
robin ventura will join us to talk about his team. we'll have that tomorrow night from arizona where the weather is expected to get colder tomorrow. thank-you. that's the news for this monday night. we're happy you shared time with us. i'm micah materre. i'm mark suppelsa. updates on for all of us here, have a good night. by [ roasting firewood ] ♪ ♪ many
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